Reflection on media fluency

a. that no good can come from changing the past that when you change things you change the very foundations of not just yourself but your country and even the world. there is no harm in observing and learning but as soon as you change things you are cheating and breaking the structure of yourself without the pain and lessons you learn from it you would be a stupid blob.

b. try and bring out the truth through action I tried not to use fear to get my message across because it goes against my message fear cause stupidity and rash decisions. the message I tried to get across was that you can not wash out the bad by erasing the past you can only learn from it and try to help others to get harmony and peace.

c. well, it is in my opinion and I didn’t do like a survey or anything to get more peoples opinions on if bad can only come out of going back in the future through its hard cause nobody has so nobody knows. I did try to get my message across without bias and as far as I can tell there isn’t.

d. the comic is effective because it has imagery which everybody can understand.

e.the comic strip was hard to make because it was so simple it was hard to get complexity and detail.

f. not that I know of I thought it would be easier to draw and then put into a program called Inkscape and perfect it but that is more graphics than digital literacy so no. i think the comic was the best idea to keep it digital.

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