electric house 3rd post

just a summary of the building process as well as just our day to day acomplishments.

day 1: today we started working on our circuits.  we had alittle bit of trouble connecting the wires to the batteries.the group had believed it may have been that the bulbs were not working but after using different bulbs we had soon realized it had been that our batteries were old and were not working. We borrowed a battery from another group to still be able to make the circuit and know which bulbs were usable. we completed our circuit for the bedroom (2 bulbs, one battery).

Day 2: Today we were able to make our circuits using fully working brand new batteries. We were able to light all five bulbs using the two batteries for the kitchen/dining room but we did not make it in a parallel circuit but instead a series and now our focus is to make it into a parallel circuit. we are primarily working on the circuits themselves and figuring out the voltages etc. instead of focusing on the design of the house.


day 3: Today is the final day of working on the house and we have now added the circuits to the actual house. we did not added any furniture yet but we will attempt to tomorrow before the showing of the house. our main focus so far has been making sure all the bulbs are working and that we can try and place it into the house. we figured out a way to fit the batteries and circuit into the house.

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