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Today in science class we were assigned to make an electric house project in groups, (my group= Aaron,ayah and myself). For our project we choose to include 2 bedrooms, an open kitchen with a bar,adjoining the dining room and the living room, and a bathroom. There is a porch and a long broad hallway. There is one light bulb at the front door, it is not a parallel or a series circuit because it only has one bulb. Walking further inside our model, there are two light bulbs lighting your way in the hallway, we chose to put them in parallel circuit. There are two  switches beside the front door controlling these two light circuits. Then for the two bedrooms, we chose to put one light bulb in each and they are in a series circuit. The bathroom is also in a series circuit. Walking in furthermore there is the open kitchen. There is one light in the middle and two over the bar counter top, They are all in a series circuit. There is one light over the dining room table and we are still deciding on how many lights to put in the living room, 3-4 light bulbs, all in series circuit.There are switches in every room to switch on and off the lights.


The Party room

The reason we did such a simple series circuit for the Party Room is because since is such a small room as well as a ‘bar’ kit would take up less light and bars tend to be dim, we figured we would only need one light, thus there’s a simple series circuit that should provide just enough light for this room. Also because you can’t make a parallel circuit with only one light…


The Kitchen

 the Kitchen is the most lit up area with 4 lights in it, it is lit up because both you need to see what your cooking 😉 and we figured the best way to wire it would obviously be a parallel circuit. The reason is because if there was just a series circuit, all of the lights would be dimmer and since they’re not even spread out, you might as well just have one light. However, because it’s parallel, all of the lights are fully bright and will light up the kitchen much more than any of the rest of the rooms so you can see very precisely how many spaghetti noodles you’re going to boil.

The Dining room

The Dining Room is similar to the Party Room in the way that there’s just one light, so obviously for the small room, it will just be a simple series circuit.


The Hallway

Since the Hallway is fairly long and has a big area to cover that needs lighting, we decided to do a parallel circuit. If this was series there wouldn’t be enough light for the whole hallway as the lights would be dimmer. The parallel makes the lights constantly brighter to cover the whole hallway and that’s why we used it here.


The Bedroom

Since we had to add some series circuits to the house (other than the single bulbs) we decided the Bedroom would be a good candidate. The reason for this is because the Bedroom already has natural lighting from the massive window, coupled with the fact that you’re only really in your Bedroom to sleep and dress yourself, so you won’t need insanely bright lights. Also the dimmer lights complement the whole “setting” of the Bedroom.


Over the weekend i have chatted with my group about different models and ways to demonstrate our circuits and to put them in place. We gathered materials, candy for decorations, and gummy worms were our characters. I brought the candy, ayah got the colored papers to make the walls and floors and Aaron helped glue them together make this project work with his “mad skills. We have 3 plans sketched, it still may change but so far their is no need for it to.


history: At first we wanted to have 2 bedrooms,one bathroom, kitchen and dining and living area, then we decided to have a kitchen( with a table for dining), one bedroom, one bathroom, living room and playroom. There wasn’t any space so we came to the conclusion to use the lid of the box and use it as another level in the house. This worked out really well as there were more spaces and the rooms were now bigger. We attached the circuits and batteries onto the house model and we started to decorate with the candy I brought . As a general reflection, I think overall the house turned out good, but all of the planning and work behind the project could have been more well done. In the end as I said the house turned out good, the project wasn’t exactly how I imagined it but it turned out okay and I’m happy with it.




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  1. Thanks for starting your project. However you are missing your PHET and floor plans and circuit diagrams. Your post is also not categorized properly. Please fix and let me know.

    1. i did update it i had to use aarons pictures so thati had the pictures it seemed to be the only way to upload them:)

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