Electric house 1st post

Today in science class we were assigned to make an electric house project in groups, (my group= Aaron,ayah and myself ). For our project we choose to include 1 bedrooms, an open kitchen with a bar which is combined with the dinning room,as well as party room,living room, and a bathroom. There is a thick long hallway. There are two lightbulbs in the living room one near the front door the lightbulbs are series because they are two in line in the same room that will turn on at the same time.Walking further inside our model, there  is one lightbulb in the bathroom which means it is neither series or parrell sence there is only one lightbulb.moving on to the dining room/kichen. There is a single lightbulb in the middle of the dining room above the table and then the kichen we chose to put four lightbulbs in  parallel circuit. There is a switch beside each door/entrance . Then for the party room there is a single lightbulb in the centre of the room which means it is neither parallel or series.There are switches in every room to switch on and off the lights. We have assigned jobs for each person which you will see below as well as the sketch I did and my hypothesis for the results from my circuits. As well as our house plan. Hope you enjoy tell my next update 🙂

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