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My name is kaley ann miechyszlaw stockton , I was born March 17, 2004 (on saint patrick’s day. My main hobbies are: drawing, playing sports, hanging with friends, and playing with animals. Some things to know about me are that I have a very impulsive personality, meaning I do things on the spot and sometimes make very quick thinking choices which aren’t always the best. In this page i will talk about my background,my likes and even a few of my inner thoughts.i love animals,simply because i love who i am around animals. Animals are like therapy for the soul,they make me so happy and feel so warm.My favourite food is potato leek soup, my favourite sport is soccer though i do also enjoy field hockey.

My Background


My parents named me kaley miechyszlaw stockton i have never told anybody my middle name but now i’m not just gonna tell u it but explain. When i was a little kid i couldn’t say my middle name not sure why it pretty much rolls of the tongue doesn’t it? but  the closest i could get was mischief. i remember when i first tried to drive a 4 by 4 it belonged to my aunt,the first time i took a spin behind the wheel i went straight into a ditch. i have always been getting myself in trouble from a young age but i like to think i have always had a good heart..i’m a goofball that if you see me in the hallways or really get to know me like somebody  very close to me does i will certainly drag you along on some pretty odd,fun definitely risky adventures that will probably leave some physical scars but some pretty amazing memories.


well i created one late at  night and i’ll tell you the significance of it. it goes like this,

YoU FeEd tHe MaDnEsS aNd It FeEdS oN yOu it speaks about you feeding the dark edges of your mind that weakens the sad parts that can drive someone bonkers and if you dwell and focus on it you focus on it and it consumes you causing you more damage as if its eating away at you….as if its feeding on you.



I know i know im sneaky but hey you can’t blame me for being clever,Something as simple as YouTube doesn’t seem like it can be sooooo important to me, but no website or app can do quite as much as useful as Youtube. If I wanna dance at my house when no ones home i  can connect my phone to the speaker and listen to my favorite song on youtube,If there’s a topic I want to learn more about, I can watch it on YouTube. If I’m ever feeling sad, I can watch a funny video to cheer me up on YOUTUBE! If I don’t want to do my homework… well you see where i’m going with this;)

FaX bOuT mOi

I had a period in my life where I decided that I would never be bored again and that, if I had any free time at all, I would make plans, and I would always be doing things.
I always wear the kind of stuff that makes you overheat and die yet i still am always cold.
I’ve always liked being busy. If I have nothing to do for a week, it just makes me mad.
I don’t know how to function without poetry. When I’m not writing  it, I’m reading it. It gives me insight into current situation and takes care of my mind.
I always want to create and do things, or draw.
People have so much going on in their heads. I’m like, If you could write poetry, you’d feel so much better! you should try it you don’t need to show no one but it helps;)
When I do have free time, I spend it with friends(goin on crazy adventures that i instigate), or I spend it at home writing,sketching something.
Time is kind of an amazing thing because you can do so much with it. I think people underestimate time… I don’t want to just sit on my phone for hours.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

jean jacques rousseau was an eighteenth century philosopher. He thought that civilization and progress had in fact not improved people. That in fact having so many people so close aka cities had a destructive influence on the morality of human beings who had once been good. What he believed was that people had once been good and happy but as people emerged from pre social state and join society they had been plagued by vice and sin (became consumed with their looks as well as drunk and cheated). He believed that a long time ago when men and women lived in nature(forests) and had never entered a shop or read a newspaper,the philosopher’s pictured people more easily understanding their own minds and also being drawn towards things that satisfied their life, like the love of your family,respect for nature and at aw of the beauty of the universe as well as curiosity  about others and a taste of music and simple entertainment. They were guided by morals and empathy for others and their suffering. But civilization had awoken an unhealthy form of self love as well as self hate he called it “something that was artificial and centered around pride,jealousy and vanity” and that this unhealthy habits had begun when people moved into cities and began to compare themselves to others,created their identity solely by reference to their neighbors. People had stopped thinking about what they want and feel and merely imitate other people entering into ruinous competition. For status and money(aka sin) and losing sight of their own sensations. An example when people came to advance the indian tribes which were doing just fine living in small tribes caring about nature all changed as they “got more advanced” they lived closer in bigger tribes and began to drink themself to death or commit suicide, the population went way down by “advancing”.


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  1. You’ve got a good start, but you have not earned a passing grade for the About Me assignment. You could improve by doing the following:
    – All your paragraphs should contain more information. Five or six sentences per paragraph instead of one or two. I also find the contrast in words/image makes it very difficult to read your blog, but I do like what you have told about yourself. It is personal without being too revealing.
    – You didn’t embed your video (instructions on the assignment page).
    – You didn’t create a clickable hyperlink to your favourite website.

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