Microbit: Day 3

Reflecting on core competencies:


My partner and I needed to communicate a lot to make sure our separate coding fit together and work as it should. It was challenging at times because we couldn’t figure out how to work on the same code at the same time on different computers. In the end thanks to our great communication we were able to successfully complete the project and communicate about it with our peers.


Creative thinking:

The whole project revolved around creative thinking, coming up with out idea is the greatest example of this. Creative thinking is essential in coding, you have to think of unique ways to reach the desired outcome. This project left a lot of room for creative ideas, I wish we could have come up with something slightly more creative to demonstrate our understanding in the subject,

Critical thinking:

Creativity can only get you so far, then you need to think critically. To understand the code you must be able to analyze and improve it to be successful. This is an area I struggled in, during this project because i was unable to figure out why our device was not working.