What I am Proud of?

I am proud of the fact I can complete and pass a practice LSAT.

I really want to be a lawyer, so one day I decided to look at the practice LSAT, without studying I took the analytical reasoning portion. Analytical reasoning is like puzzle games I did when I was younger. I was confused at first, not because I couldn’t understand the questions, I was confused because it was so easy. After that I read through the rest of the test I didn’t understand everything I quickly did some research before attempting to complete the other portions of the test. It took me a few days to complete the test and I marked it and received a passing grade. It made me feel good that i could pass it. Passing doesn’t mean much, law schools only take  the top percentage of students who take the LSAT. I won’t be taking the LSAT anytime soon, but I enjoy studying for it. I’ve just started taking the course on LSAT prep and Khan academy, I’ve learnt many different and easier ways to complete questions I already know how to answer and understand questions I don’t feel as confident answering


I choose this video because I love Tom Holland. Tom Holland is such a genuinely nice person and I aspire to be as kind him. I also love the smiles he puts on the children faces. My brother has spent a lot of time in the hospital in the last few years I know how much a single smile can change a childs situation.



"I don't believe in the magic in  my books.  

But I do believe something very magical can happen 

when you read a good book."

I choose this quote because I really love to read. Also the Harry 
Potter books have had a pretty big impact on my life. Reading has 
helped me through the tougher parts of my life.