Microbit: Day 3

Reflecting on core competencies:


My partner and I needed to communicate a lot to make sure our separate coding fit together and work as it should. It was challenging at times because we couldn’t figure out how to work on the same code at the same time on different computers. In the end thanks to our great communication we were able to successfully complete the project and communicate about it with our peers.


Creative thinking:

The whole project revolved around creative thinking, coming up with out idea is the greatest example of this. Creative thinking is essential in coding, you have to think of unique ways to reach the desired outcome. This project left a lot of room for creative ideas, I wish we could have come up with something slightly more creative to demonstrate our understanding in the subject,

Critical thinking:

Creativity can only get you so far, then you need to think critically. To understand the code you must be able to analyze and improve it to be successful. This is an area I struggled in, during this project because i was unable to figure out why our device was not working.

Microbit: Day One

Today we brainstormed ideas for our project, and came up with ways that it could help the environment. It took us awhile, but we finally decided to create a device that would have an alarm go off when you forget to turn the lights off. We realized that a lot of groups had the same idea so instead of just using the light sensor we also used the loudness sensor, so our device would only go off when a person actually left the room. This will help the environment by reducing the amount of electricity we use on a daily basis.

What I am Proud of?

I am proud of the fact I can complete and pass a practice LSAT.

I really want to be a lawyer, so one day I decided to look at the practice LSAT, without studying I took the analytical reasoning portion. Analytical reasoning is like puzzle games I did when I was younger. I was confused at first, not because I couldn’t understand the questions, I was confused because it was so easy. After that I read through the rest of the test I didn’t understand everything I quickly did some research before attempting to complete the other portions of the test. It took me a few days to complete the test and I marked it and received a passing grade. It made me feel good that i could pass it. Passing doesn’t mean much, law schools only take  the top percentage of students who take the LSAT. I won’t be taking the LSAT anytime soon, but I enjoy studying for it. I’ve just started taking the course on LSAT prep and Khan academy, I’ve learnt many different and easier ways to complete questions I already know how to answer and understand questions I don’t feel as confident answering


I choose this video because I love Tom Holland. Tom Holland is such a genuinely nice person and I aspire to be as kind him. I also love the smiles he puts on the children faces. My brother has spent a lot of time in the hospital in the last few years I know how much a single smile can change a childs situation.