French 10 – Pecha Kucha

During my first semester of grade 10 at Charles Best, I took French 10 as a mandatory course. I had ups and downs in this class, but am overall proud of how I finished. Something that I was proud of towards the end of the semester was my ‘Pecha Kucha’ final project. A Pecha Kucha is an in-person presentation using powerpoint. There were 20 slides that automatically switched to the next after 20 seconds. Each slide was allowed to contain no more than 2 words to use as hints. There was no script involved and you have to remember what you’re going to say for each slide using the 2 words and pictures.

At first, this project seemed impossible with all the technicalities of timing and memorization. As I put it together, it became evident that all it would take is lots of practice and structure. So I did exactly that. I started by inserting photos that would help remind me of what I wanted to say for each slide. For example, I used a picture of an electric car to talk about how cars have evolved. Then, if necessary, I would include one or two key words to remind myself.

We were given lots of freedom with this project and what we were allowed to choose as topic. Our topic had to be a question that doesn’t have an answer, and is all opinion and perspective based. From there, we were given the responsibility of explaining both sides of our question and what we think is the better answer, and why. My essential question translates to; “Is it more important, in today’s world, to be strong or adaptable?”. This was a question that I didn’t even have a definitive answer for and had to dive deeper into it to persuade myself. In conclusion I ended up deciding it is better to be adaptable with all the changes and challenges we face on a daily bases.

I really enjoyed this project because of the freedom we were given and a need for creativity. I’m not usually happy when having to do class presentations (especially without any script), but this was something I can confidently say I was excited about. As a result of that, I was able to put my best foot forward and ended up doing really well!

Link to PowerPoint: