My Employability Skills-A reflection

The skills I used during the activities:


During these two activities, I used multiple employability skills. One skilled I used was my ability to work in a team when doing the human knot activity. I helped out others in my group, I communicated with everyone and I cooperated with them too. I used problem solving also in the human know activity too. I helped others in my group on where to go and put their arms, and we managed to complete the activity quickly and efficiently because we were all communicating with each other and we all used our problem-solving skills. The last skill I used in the human knot activity was flexibility and adaptability. I was able to work in a group that I usually wouldn’t be in and I worked well with everyone in my group. I got to talk to new people and communicated with the people I didn’t know. When doing the activity with the string, I used teamwork and working in diverse environments. I helped others out when they couldn’t remember a name or the thing the person liked to do. I also learnt the names of new people and got to know a bit about my peers. I learnt and accepted that all of us had very different interests and we are all different in other ways.


The skills I would like to work on for the future:


I would like to work on my enthusiasm and attitude. I would like to work on this because I don’t always show my enthusiasm during an activity and I’d like to put in a bit more of an effort when doing activities like this. Sometimes I seem like I don’t want to participate in activities because I don’t see the point, but they end up being fun and I end up enjoying them. I would like to change my attitude and my point of view towards activities.

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