Homestead Project #1

For this project I made two different jams, a Pineapple cinnamon ginger jam and a Keto Mixed Berries jam. I made these jams because when I was younger I was never fond of any jam, I avoided eating it and didn’t think to touch it even if I was hungry but now that i think of jam. I don’t think i would hate it at all so I decided to make my own. The keto jam is for my mother, she is currently on a strict diet, but she eats more breakfast than i do and thought she might appreciate me making one she can eat.

the ingredient I needed to find to make one of the jams was gelation powder, everything else I had at home already. except the cute jam jars i bought hehe

the steps were simple. For the pineapple jam I started with chopping the pineapple into chunks and putting them in the food processor. making sure not to puree them too much, then putting them on the stove top to simmer for 30-40 minutes. stirring occasionally so that the sugar in the recipe doesn’t burn, after the liquid has turned translucent you know its about done, the jelly consistency was supposed to come out the longer you cook it. After I was done I poured it into jars and let sit in the fridge. I think I bunged the recipe by getting impatient because the jam was a bit juicy and liquidly still. I guess i got a really juicy pineapple.

Now for the Keto Mixed berries jam, for this jam i used 400mg of mixed berries into a pot on a medium heat and added my moms substitute sugar and lemon juice. stir occasionally after the berries have had 10 minutes to cook I take a potato masher and mash some of the bigger berries( my preferred chunkiness) at this point i added in my gelation powder and made sure to combine with the cooked berried evenly, then put into jars and let cool in the fridge.