Information Fluency

For my assignment I chose to write about basketball but mainly about Kobe Bryant, how he was as a player and what he did to change and improve basketball. Kobe Bryant was the youngest draft pick ever and was drafted to the NBA straight out of highschool. During his career as a professional basketball player he has gotten 5 national championships, 2 Olympic gold medals and was the 2008 MVP. Kobe Bryant has been a role model for athletes and basketball players because of his hard work ethic and his mentality on and off the court. After his retirement in 2016 Kobe Bryant has been fighting for women’s basketball, talking about the importance of women’s sports and help expand and give new opportunities for women athletes. Not only this but Kobe was known to be an amazing father, Kobe can be seen teaching , coaching, and supporting his daughter Gigi in her dreams of making the WNBA. Sadly Kobe Bryant passed in the January 26, 2020. On the day of his death people around the world mourned for the basketball legend and super star, and the WNBA even created the Kobe and Gigi Bryant WNBA Advocacy Award to honor his legacy and recognize his help towards women athletes. Kobe Bryant is a role model on and off the court and he will be remembered for all his contributions.

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