Science blog post #2

Day 1:  May 9

Today Emmett and I started to think of our idea for our microbit. We thought of the idea to make a light sensor. The light sensor displays the light level when you press the A button if the light level is the maximum it will beep. Our goal for the next class is to start coding and testing our microbit.


Day 2: May 10

Today we started to code our microbit and did a small test to see if it would work. It worked. Our goal for the next class is to improve our code and make it better, as well as start our diagrams.


Day 3: May 16

Today we tested and mostly fixed the problems in our code. We also started writing our written part for this project. Our goal for the next class is to finish our code and complete our written part.


Day 4: May 17

Today we finished our code as well as our written part.

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