About Me

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About me:

Hello, I am Emelia and I attend Dr.Charles Best Secondary. I am 14 years old and I enjoy shopping, spending time with my family and friends, watching Netflix and playing sports. I love sports, especially field hockey and volleyball. I’ve been playing field hockey outside of school for about 7 years and I played soccer when I was younger for 4 years. As well, I used to do hip-hop at Place Des Arts for a while and I enjoyed it very much. On most days, I love to watch Netflix, especially Friends and Grey’s Anatomy. So far this semester, my favourite class is Spanish because I love learning a new language. I am looking forward to making new friends and learning new things.


“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.”

I have multiple favourite quotes but this one is one of my favourites. This quote is trying to say that life gives you pain and failures do happen. There are always going to be bad days in your path but this does not mean you should stay in bed and cry. Think about it this way, maybe today is the worst day of your life but tomorrow will be better. Failure is not just there to make you upset, it’s there to teach you a lesson so don’t ignore it, learn from it. Learning is what will help someday, somehow in your journey. Life is short so don’t spend it in your room crying for hours, instead look at the positive aspects of life and smile.


Sara Bareilles – Brave

This is an old song but I love it. The video actually has a few messages. One of the powerful meanings is in the line “Kept on the inside and no sunlight”. This basically says sticks and stones may break your bones and words can sting, but letting things stay within you will hurt more. So let it out. Don’t be afraid. The fears are real, but they can be conquered. Another powerful message is “Everybody’s been there”. The line points out that we’ve all had to put on our brave faces in life, and acknowledges that it’s tough. But in the end, it’s very freeing. These are simple messages but so powerful and honestly everyone should know them.


This picture is so simple but has so much meaning.  The clear message is as long as you have a passion for something, nothing else matters. Maybe you’re not that good at it but don’t give up. If you have a passion for something, keep going, you’ll get there one day. Don’t let anyone tell you anything else if you love it and cherish it, keep going.  Nothing matters, if it doesn’t matter to you. If you have a passion go for it, do not give up.



Buzzfeed is a great website to go to when you have free time. Whether you’re interested in news, some celebrity gossip or just videos of people doing stupid stuff, Buzzfeed is for you. You can also complete quizzes, they have so many on basically any topic you want. I find Buzzfeed an interesting website and definitely kills time when you need it too.