Welcome to Elicia’s blog!

Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Elicia and I am a grade 9 student at Charles Best. I play the piano and the viola and I am a book lover. My favorite genres are fantasy, romance and young adult. My favorite subjects at school are Math and English. Thanks for checking out my blog!

1) Favorite Quote

“You look around at the people in your life, one by one, choosing to hold on to the ones who make you stronger and better, and letting go of the ones who don’t.” ― Tamara Ireland Stone

I like this quote because it shows that not all friendships will last forever and if they don’t work out you have to let them go. Some friends will support and respect you while others will judge you or mistreat you so you should know when to hold on and when to let go.

2) Favorite YouTube Clip

 I picked this video because I think its really cool how they created a small version of everything that you can actually use to cook with. I love how all the ingredients are also small and they can fit into the cup. The end result was super cute and it looked really yummy.

3) A Picture that has Impacted Me

I like this picture because the waterfall seems realistic and the sky is really pretty. I don’t like art but this is one of my favorite art pieces that I’ve seen.

4) My Favorite Website 

I picked Goodreads as my favorite website because it helps book lovers find an interesting book to read in their favorite genres. It gives a small summary of the book and shows its ratings and reviews. You can search up books, quotes, and reviews on the site. It can also track what book you are currently reading as well as what you have completed and books on your reading list.