French Revolution Magazine

A project I am proud of this semester would be the French Revolution magazine I worked on. I think it turned out looking quite nice, with some of the pages looking like they’re from a real magazine, aside from my pitiful attempts at humour.

Below, you can see the pages I typed up and designed, including two covers, one a fake to ward off the infamous Committee of Public Safety (the committee which executed thousands of innocent civilians and couldn’t care less about public safety). Then there are three biographies on important people in the revolution, a political cartoon, an advertisement, and a rubber duck I used to fill up some blank space.

I redacted the names of the others who worked on this project to protect their privacy, but I can tell you that Peng B. also worked on it, and his pages of the magazine are featured on his blog. I suggest you check it out.

Oh. You can't see the image. Well, this is awkward.

Fun fact: Unlike seemingly over half of this entire school, I do not know French, but people keep assuming I do for some reason. Feel free to curse me in French behind my back. My name is also not actually Blanc.

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