Common Courtesies for the Comments Section

If you for some crazy reason wish to comment upon this blog, I must enquire that you follow four rules concerning proper social etiquette within the comments. These rules are of course the rules of a true knight from the lost age of chivalry. (Note: The term “knight” here does not refer only to men; anyone can follow the rules of chivalry. Knights [at least the cool, sword-wielding, dragon-slaying kind] also don’t exist anymore, so these days the term refers to no one.)


Rule I: Humility

A true knight never announces they are a knight, for a true knight needs but remain virtuous for others to know what they are. Don’t pretend you’re better than everyone, and even if you are better than everyone, have pity on us and say something encouraging.


Rule II: Generosity

It is the mission of each true knight, their duty—nay—their privilege—to add a measure of grace to the world by helping those who cannot help themselves. If you have any helpful suggestions to improve this blog, please tell me. I might try to care.


Rule III: Justice

A knight fights for those who deserve equality and rights, without question or pause. Don’t say anything negative and untrue to a group of people that doesn’t deserve it.


Rule IV: Discipline

A knight must remain calm and composed in the face of danger, or even when someone disagrees with them on the internet about something trivial. Please refrain from using profanity on this blog, and don’t be unnecessarily aggressive. 


See Below for an Example of a Chivalrous Comment!

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12 Replies to “Common Courtesies for the Comments Section

  1. Hello. I don’t think I understand these guidelines very well. Why are you using the codes of knights from hundreds of years ago as guidelines for comments on a blog? In my opinion, I don’t think that makes very much sense. However, I would be glad to hear you try to persuade me with your points. I am open to new interpretations. So, may I politely ask you to reiterate for me? (Also, you are incredibly cool and handsome and humble and a really groovy guy.)

  2. Ayo, I believe we haven’t crossed paths before, but the aesthetic of your post is just so visually and emotionally appealing to me. Would love to keep up with more posts in the future. You can’t actually see me repeatedly punching the air in support, but I’ve made the effort.

      1. Surprise. I’m actually unsure what I’m saying right now makes any sense, because my letters blend in with the background. Watch me send this and it turns out to be a demon summoning chant.

        1. Oh my. I didn’t realize changing everything with Cascading Style Sheets would do that. But now my blog can be properly gothic, and my eyes won’t die.

    1. Actually, I’m thinking of perhaps changing the style back. While the website by itself is dark, now when I open anything else that’s light, it feels like I just woke up a few seconds ago and turned the light on. Also, I feel like the blog looks cool and gothic, but I’m not really very cool or gothic myself.

  3. Wow, thank you so much. I love the Tokyo drawing as well; the way the lighting and details are handled are very impressive. Looking forward to more artworks from you.

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