Something I am proud of for this year.

This year, me and my Division 1 soccer team one gold at our provincials in Richmond. We were doing very well all season and we were at the top of our standings for the whole year. We had this one player named Adam and he was insane at soccer and scored a lot of our goals for us.


We were playing against the Richmond team on their own field. The odds against us winning were low because the last time we played against them, we lost.


But we ended up winning the game in penalty shoot outs 3-2.


Finished eletric house

Core Competency Reflection

We talked to each other online using social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. I think I have improved on my communication skills because me and my partners kept in touch so we could send photos back and forth so we could finish this project on time.


We problem solved by correcting our mistakes and re-doing our parallel circuits and figuring out where we went wrong.


 I was partnered up with people that I didn’t know at all. At the end if the project I knew them really well.

Eletric house 2018


Building our 2 story house with my group members. We are following our blue print and are making our circuits now
He have all of the lights put in. We have 2 parallel circuits and they have multiple different coloured lights. Our floor plan is neat and tidy with moving doors and clear open spaces. Detail was very important to us so we painted the walls of the house
(Electric house) we have done all of the decorations in the house and we are done the construction of the house. Tomorrow it will be due and to add more decorations I will be bringing a model 6×6 to add to the car port.
Our theme of this house is Christmas. We went outside and found a pine tree and we cut the stem of it to resemble a Christmas tree and I think we did s good job with that.


Electric house

Science blog post #1

I chose to do a Phet blueprint of the top floor because that had the most complicated Parallel circuit we made for our model house.

we chose to do a Parallel circuit because the circuit uses the full battery voltage and the circuit may be turned off independently without stopping the current flowing to other devices in the circuit.

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