Fables – the Fox and the Crane

An assignment that I am proud of in semester one is the french fable presentation, the fox and the crane. We started off by learning the basic rules and fundamentals of a fable, then, we used two different sites to explore the different stories. After we chose our groups, it was also acceptable to do it by ourselves, we chose our fables. I chose to do it by myself because the addition of each person would add to the total time of the presentation, starting with 3-5 minutes for one person, so two would be 5-7 and the maximum was 3 people per group. I am proud of this assignment because of the presentation part. This was the first time that I memorized some parts of the script and made eye contact throughout the entire presentation, which had a duration of 4 minutes. I know it is normal for some people to never look at their prepared script and just be able to talk for a full-on 5 minutes, but for me, it was a huge improvement that I will use on my future presentations.


This is the title slide of my presentation.

Le Renard et La Cigogne This is the link to my presentation PowerPoint.


French 9 – My french project

In french, we got to pick a french novel, read about it, and do a presentation on it. We had to take a lot of notes and some parts were really hard to comprehend. I’m really proud of the project because I worked hard on the presentation,¬† it went well and I got a good mark.


Lola et le fleuve par édith Bourget | Jeunesse | Romans 10-14 ans | Leslibraires.ca

This is the book that I chose.