3D Printing – Assignment 8: Final Product

For this project, we were supposed to design and print an object that would make the world a better place. I designed a phone holder to hold your phone up for when you’re watching something. This holder would benefit me especially because my mom always complains about my posture when I watch things on my phone, so if there’s a stand to hold my phone, it forcefully makes me straighten my neck and spine. Another situation where this stand is useful is when your hands are full, and you want your phone to be standing. 

For this project, I used TinkerCad to design my project and used Tinkerine for splicing it. At first, I did not understand how to merge shapes in TinkerCad, so I had to look up some tutorials. Tinkerine helped me splice the project and prep it for printing. By the end, I learned how to use TinkerCad and all its functions and understand how to use TInkerine. 

The 3D printer and printing it impacted my understanding because after using the phone holder, I realized that something as simple can be really useful, and that technology really has made my life easier and more efficient. 

Swimming – Information Fluency

          Regan Smith sets the pace | Women's 100m Butterfly A Final | 2021 TYR Pro Swim Series at San Antonio - YouTube


            Usually, when we think about swimming, we think that it needs to be learned young. I started swimming when I was 5, but my grandma started learning when she was around 55 and now, she can swim all the strokes. There are 5 recognized strokes for swimming since the late 19th century. The four official strokes for competitive swimming are butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. And the fifth is side stroke. The sidestroke is a basic stroke in the early years of competition, but now, is used for non-competitive swimming, or a lifesaving technique, because it uses little energy, making it less physically demanding than the other strokes. There are “very precise rules {that} have evolved to define the various swimming strokes and to regulate physical conditions … the temperature of the water—all of which are important in determining performance.” Swimming. (2018). Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, 1. Does this rule really apply? I don’t think any of the pools in BC follow that rule. Because despite these rules, the temperatures at pools are still very different. Some of the benefits of swimming are calmer minds, strengthening of the core and back. In the article, it says that swimming can also strengthen shoulders, but I have shoulder impingement on both of my shoulders, so I think it was meant for informing only non-competitive swimmers. One of the peculiar disadvantages of swimming is because swimming is done in neutral/cold water, it will not raise body heat, and the higher your body heat, the less you will want to eat. So, when other sports have certain times where you would not want to eat, swimming does not. So that I guess is one of the reasons why people who swim eat so much. 

Fables – the Fox and the Crane

An assignment that I am proud of in semester one is the french fable presentation, the fox and the crane. We started off by learning the basic rules and fundamentals of a fable, then, we used two different sites to explore the different stories. After we chose our groups, it was also acceptable to do it by ourselves, we chose our fables. I chose to do it by myself because the addition of each person would add to the total time of the presentation, starting with 3-5 minutes for one person, so two would be 5-7 and the maximum was 3 people per group. I am proud of this assignment because of the presentation part. This was the first time that I memorized some parts of the script and made eye contact throughout the entire presentation, which had a duration of 4 minutes. I know it is normal for some people to never look at their prepared script and just be able to talk for a full-on 5 minutes, but for me, it was a huge improvement that I will use on my future presentations.


This is the title slide of my presentation.

Le Renard et La Cigogne This is the link to my presentation PowerPoint.


Break the Fake – 2

The cosmic ‘Cow’ may have produced a new neutron star or black hole


image of the dwarf galaxy CGCG 137-068 Image: R. MARGUTTI/W. M. KECK OBSERVATORY

The Science News reported a supernova which had marked the death of a massive star. The burst of extragalactic light seems to have spawned a small and compact object. The supernova was first spotted in 2018 to which the scientists have named the ‘Cow’. At first, the astronomers thought that it was an exotic star that was being consumed by a black hole, but there was not enough information for further investigation. Now, the team has established that the ‘cow’ has produced a neutron star.



  1. Conforming the source: science news



2. I searched the source on Wikipedia and it has conformed that it’s a weekly updated reliable news source. I tried to double check on snopes but there was no results.



3. The site also had a detailed desciption of the author.



4. I searched  the title up and there were multiple reliable sources that also conformed that the article was true.


In conclusion, the article is true because of wikipedia conforming the source, the site having a educated journalist, and other reliable sources that have written the same news.












French 9 – My french project

In french, we got to pick a french novel, read about it, and do a presentation on it. We had to take a lot of notes and some parts were really hard to comprehend. I’m really proud of the project because I worked hard on the presentation,  it went well and I got a good mark.


Lola et le fleuve par édith Bourget | Jeunesse | Romans 10-14 ans | Leslibraires.ca

This is the book that I chose.


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