3D Printing – Assignment 8: Final Product

For this project, we were supposed to design and print an object that would make the world a better place. I designed a phone holder to hold your phone up for when you’re watching something. This holder would benefit me especially because my mom always complains about my posture when I watch things on my phone, so if there’s a stand to hold my phone, it forcefully makes me straighten my neck and spine. Another situation where this stand is useful is when your hands are full, and you want your phone to be standing. 

For this project, I used TinkerCad to design my project and used Tinkerine for splicing it. At first, I did not understand how to merge shapes in TinkerCad, so I had to look up some tutorials. Tinkerine helped me splice the project and prep it for printing. By the end, I learned how to use TinkerCad and all its functions and understand how to use TInkerine. 

The 3D printer and printing it impacted my understanding because after using the phone holder, I realized that something as simple can be really useful, and that technology really has made my life easier and more efficient. 

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