Guidlines for commenting on my blog

Thanks for visiting my blog! For this post, I would like to outline some of the guidelines that I would like you to follow if you want to comment on my blogs.


No spam.

– My comments are for hearing feedback. No sending messages over and over again.


Stay on topic.

-If you have any thoughts on my posts, I would love hearing from you, but nothing that’s not related to my post.


They should be under 4 sentences long – straight to the point.

-When I read my comments, I want to see your views or feedbacks straight to the point.¬†For me, when it’s over 4 sentences, it’s no longer a discussion but more of a lecture.


Contribute to the conversation/discussion, no repeats.

-If you disagree with me or if I’ve missed a couple of points, feel free to point them out. But there is no need to repeat stuff that has already been said.


Sample: My post on my thoughts for a book

“Thanks for sharing your opinions! I personally think that the part was really funny instead of devastating when he died from choking on apples.”




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