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First Aid Symbol – Western Safety Sign

I would say I have many passions, but one that I recently discovered and got into was First Aid. Although this might sound like a strange passion, I find it very interesting. I have recently completed my Standard First Aid and CPR course and have started NL,

(National Lifeguarding). I read three separate articles, discussing what First Aid is, why it is important and a more detailed explanation of CPR. The first article was written by Word of Health and spoke about what First Aid is. First Aid is an immediate treatment for someone who is in mild to high discomfort. It can often be used in emergencies right before EMS arrives to take over. In many cases. First Aid bought enough time for the Medical Workers to arrive and save the victim. The second article explained the importance of learning First Aid. In cases where Medical Help would not be able to arrive right away, having a peer or colleague around who is confident in their First Aid skills can be life-saving. People can learn First Aid from the ages of 10 and up. As for the last one, it consisted of a more detailed explanation of CPR. CPR is one of the most important skills someone will learn in FirstAid. When performing CPR, the victim’s heart will be manually pumped. Sending blood to vital organs and prolonging the non-breathing victim’s life. What I do wonder is, Who exactly was the first person to discover CPR? How did they know how it would work?


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