Guidelines for commenting on my blog

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you want to commenting my work please be thoughtful and respectful. Here are some guidelines for you to comment my work.

  • Write comments that add to the conversation. Ask a question. Provide a link that might clarify a point. Copy/paste a passage that interests you then write your comments and questions.

· Discussion and sharing are the representatives of my activities on the Internet. One question can make people lively and then discuss ideas. A good link or article can strongly support your words.

  • Use comments to show what you think is important, interesting, controversial, thoughtful.

· I believe that people want to learn more about my blog through your comments. Thoughtful and controversial comments can also make my blog more diverse and interesting.

  • Constructive criticism only. Critique the idea, not the person. Being derogatory or inflammatory distracts the conversation. Respect other people and their opinions and ideas.

· Choosing to stick to your own ideas is not a bad thing, but you must also learn to respect other people’s ideas different from yours. The two do not conflict, show respect. Although speech is free, you can only constructively criticize other people’s ideas. Note that it is limited to thoughts and cannot rise to people.

  • Treat people the way you want to be treated.

· If you want to be treated good, then treat others good. If you don’t care about how you need to be treated or how you are going to treat others, then don’t comment on my blog.

Sample: My blog post an interesting thought about a movie

“It’s so good to know that your thought, but my thought about this movie is …, hope this help your topic.”


“OMG, this is what I thought. Can I chat with you more ideas about this movie?”

Online Guidelines for Student Blogging, Commenting, and Personal Safety

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