break the fake pt 2

In January 2022, as the omicron strain of the coronavirus epidemic swept the United States, federal and state officials worked to raise awareness about scammers attempting to profit off the country’s heightened need for testing.  

Aside from having their identities stolen, victims of fake testing schemes risk wasting money, spreading COVID-19 inadvertently, and delaying medical treatment when it is needed. According to the Better Business Bureau, people across the country complained supplying too much personal information for “tests” that never returned results or attempting to schedule appointments that never materialized, among other issues.  

At the time of writing, several state attorney general offices were looking into such accusations. Attorney General Letitia James, for example, was investigating a case in New York. Customers claimed that a Brooklyn-based vendor overcharged them for fast antigen and polymerase tests. 



this is false because the author was known for telling fake news

guidelines for commenting on my blog

Read the article. Read all the comments. Be part of the full discussion. 

When you read an article make sure to analyze the information closely. When you do that, you will better comprehend what is happening in that particular article. Reading what other people comment is important so you can compare your ideas with them. To be part of the discussion you should comment back if it is online and if you are in a classroom you can be engaged in the conversation. 

Constructive criticism only. Critique the idea, not the person. Being derogatory or inflammatory distracts the conversation. Respect other people and their opinions and ideas. 

Constructive criticism is very useful, it can be used to learn and start conversations on why the idea is lacking information. Do not be disrespectful just because you don’t agree with their idea. Use other people’s ideas to add to your own ideas not to put other people down. 

Treat people the way you want to be treated. 

Treating other people without respect can cause arguments and fights between people, in society we do not want that to happen. If you treat people with respect, it can build friendships with other people. 

proud of assignment

in semester 1 the first time we did the right right right it took me 20 minutes to complete the run and the last time my class did it, it only took me 14 minutes I am very proud of my self for this because I am not the best long distance runner and I worked very hard to get 14 minutes