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Hello and welcome to my blag my name is Annika and I’m in grade 9. I’m a very active person I love playing all kinds of sports like basketball and rock climbing. my other hobbies are cooking and baking and jewelry making. I love cats and dogs so much I have a dog named Dayna and two cats named Daphne ad Daisy. My favourite subject in school is math and pe.


About Annika

My Quote:

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear – George Addair

I chose this quote because its true a lot of the time we hide behind what we’re scared of and our insecurity’s. The less you let your fears control you the more successful you will be.

YouTube Video:

I chose this tasty video because I love to bake every opportunity that I can. I have already made numerus recipes from this YouTube channel but this is definitely my favourite. This dessert has a delicious custard between layers of puff pastery and strawberry’s. This recipe is special because I make it for my mom and grandma all the time.


See the source image

This is a picture of Okanagan lake in Kelowna. The highlight of my summer is going up to Kelowna every year to visit with family. We always go paddle boarding on the lake and biking around them. That’s why I chose this photo because it makes me think of happy memories.



The website that I decided to choose is Pinterest because there is always so much inspiration and ideas to find. For example I love making jewelry and I also love finding new recipes to make and Pinterest is an unlimited source of ideas.



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