I went to my mother’s work, she works at a place that sells slabs of stone for kitchens, bathrooms, and centerpieces.

Questions –

  1. What did you hear, see, smell, and feel in the work environment on Nov. 1st? 

There were large slabs of varied materials for kitchens, bathrooms, and any other rooms. Made of porcelain, semi-precious stones, marble, and onyx. The warehouse was cold, you could occasionally hear saws from when people cut the slabs.  

  1. What about the environment would motivate you to wake up every day to attend work? 

At my mother’s work at first it was somewhat nerve-wracking, I didn’t know anyone or where anything was. After a while though I found that the layout of the warehouse wasn’t too confusing and the people that my mother worked with were nice. I think that the friendly work environment and not super hard or confusing work would be the reasons I’d attend work. That, and the pay money. 

  1. What about the work environment would discourage you from waking up every day to attend work? 

How early I had to wake up to go to my mother’s work was a large thing that discouraged me from liking attending, I felt like I was still half asleep throughout the day. The sky was still dark when we got to my mother’s work. 

  1. What is ONE thing you found interesting about your workplace visit?

I found how friendly the workplace was a little interesting, usually people tell you about how they had a really bad coworker, or bad customer experiences; but, at my mother’s workplace everyone was kind, there were some customers that needed you to repeat information over and over to get it but otherwise the workplace cracked jokes and overall was really interesting to experience. I think that because of how much stigma there is around bad experiences at work, it seems like before you even know how it is this image of how bad and toxic workplaces can be is planted into your brain.

My Favorite slab I found –


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How are you all doing?


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