October 17

Short Story Reflection

Reflection #1: Critical Thinking

I used critical thinking throughout the entire unit. We analysed different short stories in the most recent project. We had to peer edit each other’s work and help them make it better. We also had to find different elements in a story and help our classmates structure their work. We also had to critique their grammar and content, if it didn’t make sense, we had to tell them and help them fix it. This helped me because I learned how to search for different elements of a story and how they affect the plot in its entirety.

We used designing when it came to our Jack Sparrow project. We had to create a monologue in Jack Sparrow’s perspective and we had to create an extended metaphor based off of him. We had to watch clips of his attitude and mannerisms and try and replicate that in our project. In section three of that project, we had to develop our monologue and extended theme statement and put them together to make a description of him. I learned how to write in the perspective of another character and how to develop my ideas.

We used questioning when we were filling in our organizers. We had to use what we could to fill in the blanks and sometimes,  the answer wasn’t too clear so we had to find evidence to support our answers. We used our investigative skills to find the answers in the organizer. Foreshadowing was the hardest category to find evidence for, so I had to really dive into the stories and find the answer.