May 15

Media Fluency Project – English 9

a) The underlying message in the video is about influence. Arnold never realized how he affected his family by leaving the reservation. His determination to find hope prompted a similar search for his sister, Mary.

b) This message is supposed to give hope and it’s meant to inspire others. If Arnold, a boy who’s poor, who lives in a hopeless environment, and is considered inferior, can become hopeful, why can’t other people? What’s stopping everyone else from chasing their dreams?

c) The bias is against Arnold’s sister. Mary leaving the reservation caused an uproar in his family. Their family has never left Spokane for long periods of time. They always lived on the reservation and they thought that they always would. But Arnold sparked a rebellion in Mary, and her parents become very distraught because of it.

d) Making a video was helpful because we didn’t have to explain how the characters were feeling, we could show it. Plus, a video helps the scene and the emotions involved become clearer in the audience’s minds.

e) It was very hard to think of ways to incorporate everybody into this scene. We needed to be a little creative with our filming. Also, there were a lot of audio and editing problems which made the overall project tedious.

f) Drawing would have worked really well for this. Making a comic or a poster or something artsy would have been much easier. We wouldn’t have had to take a huge chunk out of our day to meet up with group members and film, we could’ve done it on our own time. Also, drawing is a lot more open and it’s much easier to convey what you want.

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