January 15

Blog Post #3: Tour of Completed House


Here is the kitchen. As you can tell, we used a parallel circuit. The kitchen needed to be one of the brightest rooms in the house because you need to see well while you’re cooking. The electrons in the circuit have more than one path to follow, and since parallel circuits aren’t additive, there’s less resistance, and therefore the bulbs will be brighter. The wires are a bit of a mess because we found taping everything down to be a struggle. We decided to put the switch by the door so that it’s easier to light up the room when you walk in.

Here’s the 1st bathroom. We used a series circuit in this one because we didn’t feel as though the room needed to be super bright. Having 2 bulbs in a series circuit will add resistance and the lights will dim. Even though series circuits aren’t the most efficient, we thought that it would be the best for the amount of lighting we were aiming for.

Here’s the living/dining room. We chose to use a parallel circuit to make the room very bright. Since it’s so big and a central area in the house, the room will need lots of light. The switch was placed strategically by the door so it’s easier to turn on the lights and you won’t have to fumble around in the dark.

Here’s the ginormous bedroom. We used a parallel circuit to light up this one. The 2nd bathroom is in the bedroom, we didn’t add the 2 circuits together because we didn’t know how to build a circuit that’s both a parallel and a series. If you look really closely, you can see that there’s some hot glue on the gold part of the switch. The switch wouldn’t work for a while because of the glue and the paper clip wasn’t touching the metal. Both parts of the switch are conductors and if they can’t directly touch, the electrons won’t be able to get through.

This is the 2nd bathroom. We used a series circuit in this one because it’s this bathroom that has a shower. The other bathroom doesn’t. So, we thought the 2nd bathroom needed to be super bright with 1 light bulb. This is brighter because there isn’t much resistance to slow the electrons.

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