January 9

Blog Post #1: Design and Rationale

  <– hand drawn diagram

 <– bathroom #2 <– bathroom #1 <– living/dining

 <– kitchen

 <– bedroom

Sorry for everything being in separate pictures, we ran out of wire in phet.

We chose to use a series circuit in the 2 bathrooms because we don’t feel that you need a ton of different lights in a small room. Also, the first bathroom light bulbs can be at a normal brightness since there isn’t a shower. We put a parallel circuit in the living/dining room because it’s a fairly large room and you’d need lots of light in there. Plus, in an actual house, if one light burned out, we’d still want the others to keep working. We used a parallel circuit in the kitchen because we think that it’s most important to have tons of light there. The kitchen is where you’d do all the cooking and having a good amount of light is really important to see what you’re doing. Finally, we put a parallel circuit in the bedroom because, again, if one bulb burns out you wouldn’t want them all to stop working.

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