About Me

Welcome to the blog of Adam Agosti, I am very interested in sports and books, and love the Olympic games, in fact most of this blog will be about the Olympics. In my spare time I love to play Hockey and basketball, unfortunately I don’t play in any leagues, but I still like to play and watch hockey and basketball .In this blog you will find some of my favorite things in the world, such as my favorite YouTube clip my favorite quote and more. I hope you find this page useful in your life and entertaining to read.

My favorite quote right now is “work hard in silence, let success be your noise” by Frank Ocean, This quote really inspires me to do my best in high school because even though I may be quiet some times I still work hard on assignments.


For my favorite YouTube clip I chose Donovan Bailey winning gold at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics. I chose this clip because a lot of people know that Canada is not the strongest in athletics, but In 1996 Donovan bailey proved people wrong by winning two gold medals in Atlanta.


For my favorite photo I chose a picture of Alex Bilodeau winning a gold medal at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. This picture is special to me because not only it’s a historic moment in Canadian history as it was the first gold medal a Canadian won on home soil, I really enjoy the Olympics and this picture really inspired┬áme to never give up, like how Alex Bilodeau never gave up when he was taking care of his disabled brother Frederick.

My favorite website right now is the official team Canada Olympic website. In this website you can see how many medals Canada won at a specific Olympic games, also you can get in depth insights on Canadian athletes, you can even see how Canada did at an specific Olympic sport and many more. I would highly recommend this sight because if you need to research something or someone it will be on this website.