This project was a lot of work. It made me think in new ways and try new things. It was a stressful process, but it strengthened my communicative abilities. My friends and I understand better how to communicate in a more civil manner because we couldn’t fight over every single problem that occurred. I still get snappy when I’m stressed, so there’s always room to improve. I liked this project a lot but I don’t think id ever do it again.

Micro bit blog post 2

In real life, I think our device would work if we had a program that allowed us to complete our vision. Throughout the process, I did most of the work. I programmed it and created our sheet. My 2 partners helped as well. When I was programming it was quite difficult and I had to look at tutorials. I didn’t expect it to be difficult, I thought it would be straight forward. We had to adapt to the problems we faced when we were programming. Programming microbit was so much fun. It was a rocky start but turned out fine.

Colour changing water timer

With our device, we plan to reduce water consumption and conserve more water. I picked this device because it was a fun and interactive way for people to reduce water consumption. Everyone is bored of plain water timers so our water timer spices it up. Our device reminds others that their shower has gone on too long and to get out.