My Employability Skills – A Reflection

Some of the skills I have include problem solving and critical thinking, work ethic, time management, and flexibility and adaptability. I use problem-solving and critical thinking in my day-to-day life in school and dance. I am constantly thinking of ways I can improve or how to resolve an issue, good or bad. I used my problem solving and critical thinking skills in the human knot game as we needing to find a way for us to be untangled while still holding onto each other’s hands.  I also have a really good work ethic. I am always trying to do things to the best of my ability, and I am also a very reliable and responsible person. In class, I strive to stay focused and on task, as well as being determined to get assignments done to the best of my ability. Another important skill I possess is time management. I consistently plan out my day-to-day life including when I am going to do my homework etc. I find that being organized and prepared makes for a calmer, less stressful life. Lastly, I adapt easily to various situations and places. I am very eager when it comes to asking what needs to be done or if extra work needs to be completed. For example, when playing the name web game, I was easily able to adapt and interact with my peers around me.

One of the employability skills I would like to work on is interpersonal communication. To improve my interpersonal communication, I am going to work on raising my hand more in class discussions and ask for help from my peers and teachers when needed rather than guessing and doing an assignment wrong. I am also going to work on being more comfortable when talking to new people and taking the leadership role when working in groups for assignments or projects. Furthermore, I also want to work on my Teamwork and Working in Diverse Environments. I will improve this employability skill by being more enthusiastic and willing when it comes to working in diverse environments and keeping an open mindset when it comes to working in teams or with other people. By practicing these two employability skills, I will become more employable in the future making me an overall better employee for the future.


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