Micro;bit Blog Post #2 Dream/Design

Day 1: On day 1 we got a few things accomplished. We brainstormed and found our idea and we slowly started working on our project starting to get the beginning things done. Our idea was to create a tool that would tell us if the temperature of the house was too high, it would remind us to turn the heat off as it doesn’t need to be on and it could also work in the summer with the AC/cooling system that thermostat usually has to save the energy we are using when we have the thermostat on and running. Furthermore, we figured out how to show a symbol of a heart when the micro; bit starts and we figured out how to incorporate the light sensor into our code. We had set a goal for the next day to try and get most of the coding done since we were moving pretty smoothly on the project.

Day 2: On day 2, we ran into many problems and didn’t get as much done as we wanted. We were trying to add the buzzer into our project and we ended up making a few mistakes. We first initially got the buzzer to beep, but we couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. But when we finally figured out how to turn it off, the micro; bit just stopped working and was showing an error on the micro; bit screen. We figured out that the 2 codes to turn it off and on didn’t match each other so it wasn’t working and we forgot to save it after we fixed it leading it to still not work. So we went through each set of codes one by one to find the error and we ended up fixing it. We still decided to start a new project leading the coding to work again. And we ended up getting the buzzer to turn on and turn off. Though we hoped that we would be able to complete the project by the last class period we had to work on it together.

Day 3: On day 3 we decided to search for coding for the temperature section of the micro; bit to make it so it would actually have something to do with the thermostat and the saving energy section of the project. We ended up finding a code online that we could use and we incorporated into our project and added the buzzer part into the giant code. We made the code so it has it set so if the temperature is 18 degrees it will say, good, meaning that temperature is fine when the heat is on. But if the temperature is higher than 24 degrees or whatever you want the limit temperature to be, the buzzer will turn on and it will tell you to turn boiler/thermostat off and it will also show the temperature as well. Otherwise, it will say the boiler is allowed to be on and it will show the temperature. Also, we made it so if you press button B you can see the temperature and A will show you the light rating. We wanted to also add in if the light sensor rating was low (lights potentially off), it will tell you to turn your thermostat off or down since you might be leaving, but we weren’t able to complete that step in the time frame we were given. But day three was a pretty successful day if I do say so myself.

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