Core Competencies Self-Assessment Blog Post #3 Deliver/Debrief

This project was definitely tricky since I rarely ever do coding but it was quite fun being able to learn ways to save energy that I never would have thought of if I didn’t do this project in this class. It also taught me how to think differently by coding something to create a form of technology, which I have never done before. It was challenging but I think it turned out pretty decent at the end of it all.

I grew in the communication competency a lot because I got better at collaborating and sharing my ideas with other people. I also had to discuss and talk about what I and my partner wanted to do and still be able to try new things that I would maybe neglect if I wasn’t partnered up with someone. Furthermore, we also had to communicate outside of class to send pictures and figure out what we wanted to do each day. But we did work really well with each other and got the job done. I could still develop more in my communication competency by making sure that we always did what we both wanted equally and making sure both of our ideas were fully brought to life.

This project helped me grow in my thinking competencies because I was thinking in a more logical way since we had to code and come up with codes that we needed for our project. I also had to think about what would happen if  I moved pieces of the code around and how to make it so the code would work functionally without any errors. And when something went wrong, I would have to go back and think about what I changed to make sure that I fixed my mistake. I think I could still develop more in my thinking competency by thinking about each thing that could happen if I add, take away, or move any parts of the code then just doing what first pops into my mind and then hoping for the best.

Moving on, this project made grows in my social and personal competencies of the project since I was constantly bouncing ideas back and forth and coming up with ways to make me and my partner’s ideas fit together in the project. We had to share topics together and figure out what one would be best for the project. I also had to be socializing with my group members so that we were usually on the same page and we knew what we wanted to do. I think I do show some strength in taking leadership to get the job done as well as we also did the project on my laptop. I do think I could still further develop my social and personal competencies of the project by sharing more of my ideas with my partner instead of holding it back because of nerves.

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  1. Thank you for your posts. Great job at documenting your learning! I enjoyed reading about your building process and how you were able to finish your project. All your posts are categorized correctly and are tagged with the appropriate tags. Please come see me in the tech center if you would like to know your final grade.

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