Saving Energy One Step at a Time Blog Post #1 Define/Discover

My idea for this project is to reduce the amount of energy/heat we use on a daily to keep our house warm. A typical home in a mild climate uses between 5,000 kWh and 30,000 kWh of energy a year. But have come up with a way to reduce that. I specifically want to reduce the temperature on my thermostat by using a micro; bit. I picked to reduce the amount of energy/heat I use for my home with this device because I feel like we are wasting energy when I am not home and I wanted to fix that with this project. Since the heat doesn’t have to be on super high when nobody is home. My device is going to lower the temperature of energy because when it senses the lights are turned off, the micro: bit will beep using the buzzer, telling you to lower the temperature before you leave. Which would overall reduce the amount of energy you are using up in your home. Also, if the temperature of your house reaches a point that’s a little too high to have the heat on, it will start buzzer to let you know to turn off the heat. But if it’s ok, it will tell you that it is fine to have the heat on at the moment. There will also be a part where you can check what the temperature is at so you know how much heat you are wasting/using up.

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