Digital Footprint – Assignment


My digital footprint by Aaliyah


One way I show listening thoughtfully is making eye contact with the teacher to show that I am carefully listening to what they say. Some ways I use my listening skills to enhance my ability is to ask in depth questions so they can tell that I know what I’m talking about. Some ways I communicate my learning is by helping people out and also answering questions and raising my hand. What I do when I have a disagreement with someone in my group is I try to find a middle to both ends. I would say what if we took your idea and make it somewhat like mine so we both get a little of what we wanted. If I ever see a student discouraged I will go up to them and tell them that your going to be okay and your going to get through it no matter what. Also, i have donated money to the school near the Christmas time and have bought stuff from bake sales to contribute to the school. Which I feel good about.

One thought on “Digital Footprint – Assignment

  1. Excellent job on your Digital Footprint assignment! Your project clearly demonstrates your understanding of your digital footprint. Content is clear and well explained. All ideas are presented in an easy and clear way. Ideas are also connected to each other. Great job at integrating technology into the project. I thoroughly enjoyed your project.

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