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1) Add a Quote: “When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine” Ed Lester.  I chose this because i think its a very good quote to live by because when you sad make it happy no matter how. Also it teaches you that even though school can be dry you can try and make it fun.

2) Add a Video:

I chose this video because its an inspiring video which applies to school and sports for me, because its easy to make excuses for failure and this inspires me to try and to better in school and sports, because excuses just let you take the easy way out and you don’t learn anything from your excuses

3) Add a Picture:  

This picture represents that you should be yourself even if it means you’re different from the rest, also it shows that within the crowd you can be different and rise above the rest and be the best version of yourself.


4) Add a Hyperlink: Hyperlink     I chose this hyperlink because word reference has helped me a lot with writing in french and English, with translating words or finding and expanding my vocabulary.

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1) Title – Create a title for your blog post. Your title will be: Things I am Excited About this Year.

2) Body – This is where you place your content of the post – text, videos, pictures, etc. Write a short paragraph about what you are excited about for this upcoming year at Dr. Charles Best. What are some things you want to get involved with? How will you become a part of the Blue Devil community?

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What i’m proud of this year

This year has been quite the adventure with ups and down, but throughout this year I’ve done many assignments but one of the ones i’m most proud of is my socials project about the “60’s scoop”. I presented this at the beginning of this semester, I worked really hard on this project and learned a lot about the back draft of the 60’s scoop. I learned how it affected people in a good and bad way, I also learned how hard work pays off because I got a really high mark and it made me feel really proud.

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