About Me

My name is Trevor and I am attending Charles Best High School. I like playing hockey and old music.

Favorite Quote:

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

– Mark Twain


Favorite YouTube Clip:

This is my favorite YouTube clip, I chose it because it makes laugh hysterically. ——————-

 My Favorite Picture

This is a Picture by Andy Warhol that has Impacted me. It reminds me of NHL players who have played for the team such as Rasmus Dahlin, Henrik Lundqvist, Erik Karlson, Lars Ellers and Fredrick Anderson:


My Favorite Website:

Here is a hyperlink to my favorite website.


I chose this site site because its helpful and useful to me and i find myself on it alot

History on my Birthday:


Franklin D. Roosevelt asks for an extension of the Social Security Act to include more women and children.


Hitler cancels an attack in the West due to bad weather and the capture of German attack plans in Belgium.


Japan’s advance into Burma begins.


Eisenhower assumes supreme command of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe.


The U.S. First and Third armies link up at Houffalize, effectively ending the Battle of the Bulge.


The Egyptian government makes Islam the state religion.


Eighteen are arrested in Mississippi for the murder of three civil rights workers.


The Irish Republican Army calls an end to a 25-day cease fire in Belfast.


The Shah leaves Iran.


The Persian Gulf War begins. The massive U.S.-led offensive against Iraq — Operation Desert Storm — ends on February 28, 1991, when President George Bush declares a cease-fire, and Iraq pledges to honor future coalition and U.N. peace terms.


A Wordle about myself:

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