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Your About Me Page….is all about you.  As you get more comfortable with it, it is an opportunity to express who you are, and share the things you like to do. But more so, this is where you can share your growth and experiences at Dr. Charles Best. 

About Me Page

my name is Tomis Marinkovic, im 14 years old, I have two sisters that are younger then me, I like to play sports like Hockey, Lacrosse and Rugby. I play all sports very competivitley and I have Hockey pretty much every day after or before school. I dont nescisarly  like school but I think its good to learn and I like learning certain subjects. 

About Me Page – Tasks

1) Add a Quote:  “you miss 100% of the shots you dont take” Wayne Gretzky. This quote means a lot to me because I love the game hockey and this is a good quote because its if you always take your shots at least you have a chance of scoring but if you don’t shoot you will never score. 

2) Add a Video:  https://youtu.be/bv8LXx-UTDY

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4) Add a Hyperlink: Twitch.tv/Ydarb521 

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1) Title – Create a title for your blog post. Your title will be: Things I am Excited About this Year.

2) Body – This is where you place your content of the post – text, videos, pictures, etc. Write a short paragraph about what you are excited about for this upcoming year at Dr. Charles Best. What are some things you want to get involved with? How will you become a part of the Blue Devil community?

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1.) i think I work well with a group,able to communicate and get work done with peers.

2.) I think I’m creative with coming up with good ideas and good questions, when I work I try to think of how I can do it

3.)I think that my critical thinking is good, when I’m under pressure I can keep my cool and think of a good awnser.

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