Recyclable Sneakers

A passion of mine is sneakers. In the following article that i read, i learned about how a Adidas is try make recyclable sneakers for commercial use which will be 100% biodegradable. All materials will be very stylish and will resemble running shoes. Even thought these shoes may be a little bit pricey, all materials will be recycled from the sneaker once worn out. This is a very good idea considering the fact that throwing away your shoes after wear is very bad for the environment and can be very harmful to animals and the Eco system. Adidas is still designing these models and they are set to release in the next 1-2 years, for about 160$. Adidas strives to make a good impression on the free market by using big words like, Eco-friendly, recyclable and was eliminating. There has even been rumors that Adidas is planning to make almost all of their shoes out of recyclable material in the next 2-4 years. This will take a lot of work to find materials that are non waste and that also give the consumer the same feel when sliding their foot in a pair of these amazing shoes. In my opinion, this is a pair i would buy personally just because i would really like to make a change in the world even if its small.

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