Day #10 – COVID-19

I am pretty introverted for the most part, so it doesn’t feel super weird, but being alone with your own thoughts can really pull you to the ground and I thought interacting with people hurt me, but I guess the memory of it can still haunt me in the comforts of my own home and bed. It can get overwhelming, causing me to shed a tear daily, but don’t worry. I’ll get through this. I have made it this far without giving up and I have made it through 100% of my hardships, so that makes me a firm believer that I can make it through this.

My worry is that this might start a great depression. People are dying, loved ones are grieving, everyone is depressed, the media is shoving this stuff down our own throats, people are getting laid off and many are unable to work from home and it’s pretty clear that they don’t have this in much control. The other day, Italy had 800 deaths in the span of 24 hours. Sure, I am no scientist or professional, but it doesn’t take a smart person to notice the changes in society.

I have a bigger respect for those working in hospitals helping those that are truly in need at this time. So to them, thank you for helping this world.

Day #4 – COVID-19

As you know, I have lots of time on my hands. So, I decided to write a blog post every once and a while. It gives me something to do. I have been cleaning my room, educating myself on the COVID-19, thinking of new things to do and continuing to keep myself busy. As of today, there are 231 cases in BC, which is a scary number, but all you can do is stay positive and not focus too much on what the media is trying to blast into your face.

I am planning on getting myself ahead in school after spring break officially ends. I am very intrigued in online school. But for now, I will just have to wait and see. Maybe I could learn a new language, improve in drawing or something along those lines? We will see. Anyways, it is 8pm. It will be nice to look back and see how things were when I was stuck at home.

Employement Skills

I have a strong work ethic. I am always determined to succeed, be productive and to consistently produce high quality work I am proud of. For one thing, I keep consistent attendance in class, in addition to that, I have self-discipline and integrity, thus I am honest and have self-control.  Furthermore, I also have the skill of professionalism. I keep my work professional as well as remaining professional when acting on situations and how I present myself. Besides that, I also have the skill of enthusiasm & attitude. As a result, I show up to class with good attitude and everyday. Another skill I have is flexibility and adaptability, I show this when I am put into situations that didn’t go as plan. I know how to work with it and be flexible. Additionally, I have the ability to use teamwork and work in diverse environments. I do this during group projects and when I am working in environments I don’t feel entirely comfortable in.

Firstly, I would love to have better interpersonal communication. I am going to achieve this by joining extracurricular activities, engaging in conversation and small talk, despite it making me uncomfortable. I realize I need to put myself in situations that don’t make me as comfortable to see the results I want to see. Hopefully, by forcing myself into these situations with baby steps I will be able to achieve this. Secondly, I think I need to improve my ability to accept criticism and feedback. I need to be better at coping with criticism, and applying feedback that is given. I also need to get better at problem solving and critical thinking, because sometimes I can be intuitive when making decisions rather than analytical and looking at things logically. How I would improve this is by thinking things through, or talking to someone to see things more clearly. Moreover, I need to improve my time management. I will achieve this by planning my time better, keeping a planner, doing things as soon as I get home and setting reminders.  



Micro:bit Project Blog Post #3

We used Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, because we needed to be good at logical reasoning when things didn’t work out for us. This project took plenty of trial and error. In many cases, we had to analyze data and information to find out what was wrong with the code and current environment. Sometimes. we weren’t sure why it worked at unpredictable times.

We also used Planning and Organization. We needed to plan what we were going to do for the project and how to use our time. We needed to prioritize our workload to make sure all the deadlines were being met as well as for the edublog posts. We had to be very organized by saving our code and keeping our worksheets. We also had to plan the design and look of the machine.


Micro:bit Process

My Partner and I were thinking of creating a machine that turns off the lights when it senses no motion or sound in a room. We came up with this idea after having a discussion and brainstorm over what ways we could save energy at home. We then made a little code to distinguish when the micro:bit was on. It’s a little clock animation then a lightning bolt. We then connected the sensors with the plugs and then created an alarm that would beep 20 times with a stop sign on the micro:bit.

In conclusion, our machine didn’t work. It did work once but we aren’t sure why. It only works in very quiet areas where there is no sound or motion whatsoever.

Digital Learning 10 – Micro:bits Assignment – How can we improve our use of energy?

What is your idea?

The idea of this project was to save electricity, so my partner and I decided to make a device with a micro:bit that turns off the lights when the device doesn’t detect motion or sound. We call it a power alarm.

How is it reducing energy usage?

When it doesn’t detect sound or motion in a room it will turn off the lights for you. We were also thinking of adding a timer where you could you could set for the lights to be on for a certain amount of time.

Why this idea?

It saves energy and you won’t forget to turn off the light switch once you leave a room. In my house, we leave the lights on a lot by accident and we could save a lot of money with a machine like this.

What am I proud of?

This was a project for my ceramics class. The assignment was to create a realistic bunny model. The bunny is painted with five different colours and is running. I am proud of it because it is able stand up and I put a lot of effort into the texture. The body was made hollow, but the rest of the bunny is solid. I am proud of myself, because I put a lot of effort into the bunny and I am very satisfied with the results.