Day #10 – COVID-19

I am pretty introverted for the most part, so it doesn’t feel super weird, but being alone with your own thoughts can really pull you to the ground and I thought interacting with people hurt me, but I guess the memory of it can still haunt me in the comforts of my own home and bed. It can get overwhelming, causing me to shed a tear daily, but don’t worry. I’ll get through this. I have made it this far without giving up and I have made it through 100% of my hardships, so that makes me a firm believer that I can make it through this.

My worry is that this might start a great depression. People are dying, loved ones are grieving, everyone is depressed, the media is shoving this stuff down our own throats, people are getting laid off and many are unable to work from home and it’s pretty clear that they don’t have this in much control. The other day, Italy had 800 deaths in the span of 24 hours. Sure, I am no scientist or professional, but it doesn’t take a smart person to notice the changes in society.

I have a bigger respect for those working in hospitals helping those that are truly in need at this time. So to them, thank you for helping this world.

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