microbit project blog post #3 final



C- Our project demonstrates strength and growth by being able to save energy in the community and expanding further technology to BC

T- Thinking played a big roll in this project because it made us use our heads and try to figure out what could work and what needs more analyzing in our microbit project.

PS- Communication with my partner was a bit of a struggle because English is not her first language so it made it really difficult for us to be sharing complex information with each other and trying to understand what the other is thinking. Overall, I think that we managed quite well to communicate during our project and I think that the connections were made stronger as well.



Mirobit project blog post #2

When we were thinking of a project, we had a few ideas to choose from so we took notes and wrote them down on a piece of paper. We then took our notes and reread them over a few times and sketched out a brief idea plan of what our product was going to look like. We decided that some of our ideas just wasn’t going to work, so we tried to use what we have and create a microbit analog system to help us accomplish our goal. Testing and other such things were becoming a slight issue since we both weren’t sure on how to properly code things into that specific website so we were kind of stuck and not knowing what to do. Luckily, we had the help of a couple peer tutors in the tech center.

Blog Post #1

  1. We chose to lower the amount of light energy in your household by making a light reminder. The way our project works is that when someone walks into the room and turns on the light and they’re doing whatever they need to do (making noise) then the buzzer will remain silent. Once that person leaves the room and forgets to turn the light off, the loudness sensor of the microbit will detect no noise in the room and the light sensor will detect that the light is still on. Within seconds, the buzzer will loudly go off and remind that person to come back into the room and turn off the light to save energy.
  2. We didn’t do any research and we never thought of a title, but if there were to be one, I’d call it the Light Reminder.