My Employability Skills – A Reflection

  1. Review the Employability Skills listed, describe the skills you currently have and how you used them in the activities.

In the both the Name Web and Human Knot activity, we had to use teamwork, communication, problem solving & critical thinking, and enthusiasm.

Teamwork involves working together with your peers and try to solve the problem as a group. I used my teamwork skills in the human knot activity by communication with the people around me and helping each other to untangle ourselves. Communication involves talking out the problem and brainstorming ideas on how to solve it. In the name web activity, I had to memorize other people’s names this made me concentrate on other people and listen to them so I can have an understanding of who they are. Problem solving and critical thinking played a big role in the human knot activity because I had to think of different ways to solve the knot and let others know how to do the same. I’m not much of a social person, nor am I enthusiastic towards big group activities, but I did I listen to others and follow their suggestions. Nonetheless, I did try my best to figure out the problems and try to solve them with the help of my peers.


2. Discuss the skills that you would like to work on and what you can do to improve or practice so that you are employable in the future.

The skill that I would like to work on the most would be Communication. I sometimes have a hard time trying to communicate with my fellow classmates due to me being more of an introvert than an extrovert, but lately I have been talking more with people that I am uncomfortable with, and coming out of my shell as a more talkative student. Some ways I can practice this is by chatting with more of my classmates that I don’t usually talk to, and try to befriend them if possible.