Blog Post #1

  1. We chose to lower the amount of light energy in your household by making a light reminder. The way our project works is that when someone walks into the room and turns on the light and they’re doing whatever they need to do (making noise) then the buzzer will remain silent. Once that person leaves the room and forgets to turn the light off, the loudness sensor of the microbit will detect no noise in the room and the light sensor will detect that the light is still on. Within seconds, the buzzer will loudly go off and remind that person to come back into the room and turn off the light to save energy.
  2. We didn’t do any research and we never thought of a title, but if there were to be one, I’d call it the Light Reminder.

One thought on “Blog Post #1

  1. Thank you for your 1st post. However, I noticed that your 2nd and 3rd posts are missing and therefore you have only completed a third of the project. Please come see me in the tech center.

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