About Me

Introduction: My name is Tanya Zaghian. I am a fourteen year old freshman. My nationality is Persian which make me Iranian. Since I was a little girl I always wanted to play piano because I wanted to create my own songs. I started going to classes when I was just seven years old, although I enjoyed playing piano it did not make it any less difficult to learn all the notes. I love to travel, especially travelling to see my cousins.

What is Your Favorite Quote: “Be strong, but don’t be rude. Be kind, but not weak. Be bold, but don’t bully. Be humble, but not timid. Be confident, but not arrogant.” -Zig Ziglar

This quote is meaningful to me because it explains that you can succeed without bringing other people down. You can be nice and kind, but you can also defend yourself and say no in doing a task that does not benefit you. This quote makes me realize that you should take risks and show what you are capable of without being cocky.

What is your favourite Youtube link:  20 things we should say more often

I chose this clip because telling someone a positive message can make someone’s day better. At times we forget to use positive words, especially when there is negativity around us. This video inspires me to use these words even if it is not a good day.

Find a Picture that has Impacted You: positivity 

This picture has shown me that you can jump over the negativity to the positivity. This picture has impacted me because it shows that you can go from negativity to positivity by taking big steps/jumps. You can still be happy and be energetic while you are going from negativity to positivity.

What is Your Favorite Website: netflix

I chose this website because it has many shows and movies that can be educational and entertaining. I use this website on my free time to relax. This is my favourite website because it has many shows and movies that I am interested in watching.