My employability skills


  1. Review the employability skills listed, describe the skills
  2. Teamwork & working in diverse environments: in the new class, we have to Adapt to the new environment, meet new students.
  3. Professionalism: a specialized industry in the workplace refers to professionals with specialized knowledge and skills. My job is learning and go to school.
  4. Interpersonal communication: First, we introduced ourselves.
  5. Work ethic: integrity, responsibility & accountability: we have to finish our work perfectly, for example, the teacher let us still reel.
  6. Problem solving & critical thinking: When we answer questions, we need to think rationally before answering.
  7. Time management: I almost never late for the class or school.
  8. Enthusiasm & attitude: We need to treat everyone with enthusiasm, for example, teacher, parents, friends.
  9. Ability to accept and integrate criticism and feedback: When I make mistakes, I will correct my mistakes in time and thank those who find my mistakes. Also think about why I made a mistake and how to avoid it next time.
  10. Flexibility & adaptability: We need to adapt to the new environment as soon as possible. If we go to a strange place, we can use our skills to improve the quality of life.
  11. Interpersonal communication is a big challenge for me because my English is weak, and I was shy, so I need more than teachers and classmates to communicate.

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