You know what I love about art? In all of its wondrous forms? It tells a story that anyone can listen to, examine, touch, or gaze at; and everyone could experience it differently. It has the power to begin with one simple idea, and turn into hundreds and thousands of other ideas. It can transform from one form into another, moment-by-moment, like a shape-shifter dancing all around and in-between us. This is why art has always been so appealing to me. Especially, drawing and sketching.

In my art class the other day at school, I experienced a way of drawing that I’ve never done before. My teacher had us choose a picture of a portrait. Naturally, I decided to choose a picture of my favorite singer from China, whose name is Xuezhiqian. I admire him very much for his music, but his looks don’t hurt either! He is very handsome, and I can’t get over his dreamy eyes. After choosing who we wanted to draw, we were given four tasks to do. First, we had to draw a standard portrait of someone. Then we had to tape our pencils to a ruler and try to draw the portrait again, but this time, holding the pencil at a distance. Next, we had to draw a smaller portrait and we were timed while we drew. Last, we had to draw the portrait again on a huge poster board. It was a long process that wasn’t easy but after I finished, I examined all of my pictures, and realized how proud I was of myself. They all looked beautiful in their own ways. I began with one idea in my mind about what the portrait should look like, and then ended up with something a little different each time. I enjoyed the journey of finding not only my skills, but also my creative vision. As I mentioned before, art can take on many different forms and it all depends on the observer. This was a learning experience that I will never forget!

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